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This is a new section that will feature all kinds of articles contributed by our visitors. You do not have to be a professional journalist to have your article featured here, we only ask that it is well written and of interest to our worldwide audience.

An article can be about:

  • Airlines, airports, aircraft. Either your views on a certain subject (mergers, bankruptcies etc), a description of how something works or a historical view on something (like an airline, aircraft type, airport etc).

  • Descriptions of special situations like incidents and similar. Maybe something you experienced yourself.

  • Subjects related to aviation photography. Photo technics and special situations.

  • Reports from air shows, press conferences and similar events.

Sounds interesting? Good! We'd love to fill this section with articles of all kinds written by people from all over the world. You are expected to take advantage of our huge database of photos to illustrate your article. We will take care of the layout and other web related issues, all you have to do is supply the text and the ID numbers of the photos you think would go well with your text.

Please send a short email to articles@airliners.net describing the subject you would like to write about. Once you've received a confirmation that the subject is okay, you can start writing the article. When done send it to the above email address and we'll publish it on these pages!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!