Chat Channel Rules

Welcome to the chat room of, the world's largest aviation interest website!
While you are in there, the chat operators would like to inform and remind you of a few simple rules to be followed while in the chat:

The following are not permitted in the chat room:

  • Flame Baiting
  • Insulting other users (put downs, etc)
  • Uncalled for/out of place vulgarity

Furthermore, the following rules also exist:

  • People claiming to be of some profession (pilot, airline management etc) but are found to be lying will be banned.
  • English is the sole language of the chat.
  • Chat operators reserve the right to take action if a user is being disruptive but not specifically breaking one of the above rules

These rules apply in addition to those of and its forums.

Rule Enforcement:
Violations of the above rules may result in a warning, kick or 24 hours ban from the chat. Repeated bad behavior can result in a deletion of the membership account.

If you have a question regarding the room or feel action has been unjustly taken against you, the chat operators can be reached by emailing
In your email, please include as complete of a description of what happened so that we can better answer your inquiry. Please note that all chat messages are logged.

An operator will respond within 24 to 48 hours, so please be patient

Thank you for visiting our chat room and enjoy your stay on!

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